Christmas Schedule 2020

Please see below the anticipated Mass schedule for the Christmas and Epiphany Season. Please be advised that due to Covid 19 Restrictions scheduled events and times may change.

Thursday 24th December

07:45am Daily Mass (Vigil of Christmas)

11:00pm Preparation for Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass

Friday 25th December (Christmas Day)

08:00am Dawn Mass of Christmas (Low)

10:15am Day Mass of Christmas (Low)

Saturday 26th December

No Holy Hour

09:00am Low Mass (Feast of St. Stephen)

Sunday 27th December

08:00am Low Mass (Sunday within the Octave)

10:15am High Mass (Sunday within the Octave)

Monday 28th to Thursday 31st December

Daily Mass at 09:00am

Thursday 31st December

11:00pm Holy Hour

Midnight Mass

Friday 1st January (Octave day of Christmas)

08:00am Low Mass

10:15am High Mass

Saturday 2nd January

8:00am Holy Hour

09:00am Low Mass

Wednesday 6th January (Feast of the Epiphany)

08:00am Low Mass

10:15am High Mass